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A dedicated place where visitors from all over the world can hold conversations about plants, post photos of their collections, ask care questions, and share advice.

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What plant is on your mind?

A dedicated place where visitors from all over the world can hold conversations about plants, post photos of their collections, ask care questions, and share advice.

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  • new jade plant tips?
    Hi everyone, 

    Took this guy home from my local grocery store as he looked a little sad (the droppy leaves, and there are some damaged ones on the other side that aren't pictured). The drooping makes me wonder if it's been a little overwatered (though the soil is dry and terracotta pot). Seeking advice re: how long to wait before watering myself and also wondering if I risk it becoming sun scorched if I put it right onto a sunny windowsill as I don't know how long it's been at the store...(sorry I can't rotate the image!)
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      dekadaye it might be underwatered if the soil is dry.
  • Sad Fiddle Leaf Fig
    The leaves are often droopy. Two have these brown patches. It’s in a south-facing window, watered every 3-4 weeks because the pot is deep, and I don’t want to over water it. 

    Any suggestions? 
  • rubber plant winter watering
    Hi all! 

    I picked up a new rubber plant friend from the sill just over a month ago. I've read varied reviews on how much to water. Some say only 1-2x/month in winter. I've noticed though that the leaves tend to get droopy and that it only takes about a week before the soil is dry around 1 inch down. and so I have watered it about 3 times (waited two weeks this first time, then once a week since. So far I have only lost one leaf that was a bit yellow (and to be fair I bumped it while misting). Just wondering if I might be in danger or overwatering/when I would see the signs? Otherwise it seems to be fine in its windowsill home getting afternoon light. 
    on the ground you can see a bit of yellowed leaf
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      Pei Your rubber plant looks very happy to me! To decide how much and how often to water your plant, the most important factor is how much sun does it get. General water recommendations don’t apply to everyone! Rubber tree is the happiest living in a bright lite environment. It can also take direct sun from east/west/north window.

      Your right to follow your instinct to alway make sure the soil dry to touch at least 1-2 inches down. another thing to keep in mind is it lives in a terra cotta pot which is more poreous than ceramic planter. Hence it dries out faster. Other factories to consider is if it’s near draft, air conditioner, or radiator. These will contribute to soil dry out.

      Plants are smart they tell you when they are not happy. For example, the drippings you mentioned is your plant saying it’s thirsty :)
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      Tam [278958,Pei] re added :)
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  • Plant Identification (and help!)
    Can anyone identify this plant for me? Also, why the end of a couple of leaves have turned dark brown (almost looking burned - should I move away from window?)
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      Erin Marino It's a beautiful Pothos plant! As Pei said, super easy to care for so that's great.

      I'd recommend pruning off any dead or crispy leaves if you haven't already. Generally pothos thrive in moderate indirect light, and with waterings about every 10 days (more frequent with more light). If you're scared to overwater- it'll visually droop when thirsty so that's a good sign to look for.

      I notice a little crispiness- any chance you have it by a heater? If so, definitely move it a few feet away. It doesn't love a dry environment but spring is on the way!
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      Pei Hey @Greyson it’s a marble queen pathos a very easy plant. how often do you water it? How much sun does it get? It does look like it’s close to a window from the photo.
  • Mealy bugs that just won’t quit

    A while ago, I bought some cacti from two nurseries that brought in mealy bugs. 

    I have used isopropyl alcohol, washing up liquid, isolation, ‘baths’, paint brushes, sprays... These little bugs are going to survive a nuclear bomb. I’m sure of it. 

    I don’t currently have an infestation as such but they’re annoying just the same. I have had to throw away more than 20 plants in the past year because they were beyond saving. 

    On Sunday, I thought I’d fully cleaned a cactus of the bugs and repotted it. The plants had been FULLY washed for bugs. Low and behold.... I found more the next day. I’m starting to admire these annoying critters for their skills. 

    I’m open to aaaaaaany valid advice, suggestions or experiences. Please do let me know! I really don’t want to lose any more plants. 

    Thank you so much!

    Claire 🌵
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      PlntNrd If you have tried all of those things and still are seeing mealys, I would treat systemically. I’ve used a systemic pesticide from Bonide and it worked great. I was finding dead mealys in plants that I didn’t know had them. You just add the pellets to the soil and then kind of scratch them in to soil. Then water thoroughly to allow the pesticide to get to the roots. Since it’s systemic, it is actually absorbed through the roots and any bug that feeds on your plant will be killed and I think one treatment last for a few months to up to 6 months.
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      Erin Marino Oy this happened to be with an alocasia polly at home – everything I tried, from organic washes to chemicals didn't seem to work. Eventually I had to trim everything back to the stem, and soak the soil with soapy water. I think that would be tough to do with cacti :( but it worked for my tropical leafy plants.
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      Pei Hey [292986,Claire] are you sure it's mealy bugs? what does it look like??
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  • Monstera root rot?
    I took my monstera out tonight to repot because it hasn’t been doing well and Was having a problem with gnats. I suspected it might be root rot, since the pot didn’t have drainage holes and it was one of the first plants I owned and was a naive new plant parent. I cut off some of the roots I thought were rotted, but weren’t sure if the rest were still ok or also had started to rot. If they’re ok should I try to root them in water first so they can grow back a little more before reporting? More photos are on the link.

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      Pei hmmm... I am torn! From the photos, some looked healthy (white roots) and some were slightly rotted (black roots)... were the roots soft and mushy to touch? [291828,Nicole Regan]
  • Browning Leaves on Coin Plant
    Hi there!  My coin plant is developing these brown borders and spots.  Also a few of the leaves are curling.  She was a foot from a SW window with blinds, so I was hoping this would filter any abrasive light.  I have since moved her further away in case it's sun burn. I water about once a week letting the top parts of soil dry out completely.   I also have discovered fungus mites in my other coin plant which I have since declared war on, so could this be a fungus carried over from these little monsters?  Any input is appreciated.  Thanks a bunch!
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      Pei [291085,Carrie] Fungus Gnats don't attack the leaves. They are just litter critters like hang out around the plants and lay eggs in soil.

      That looks like environmental damages or natural aging to me. I don't think there's anything abnormal! However, I would say it needs more light. A foot away from a blind SW window is too dark for Pilea! Hope this helps :)
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      Carrie Another overall picture of my plant.
  • Philodendron Help!
    Hi all! I just received a silver philodendron from the Sill. Unfortunately it was shipped during the unexpected Bomb Cyclone and I think it may have some cold damage. Many of the leaves are dark/black in areas. Any recommendations for reviving it?
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      Pei Cold damage killed the cells that it's unlikely you can revive the "leaves". in order to see if it killed the plant would need longer time for the damged to show up. I would recommend to clean up any damaged leaves and give it some times to see if it is just a few leaves damages or the plant itself : ) Hope this helps!
  • Pothos question!
    I have a seemingly healthy pothos that has been growing really well for a long time! The longest fine has been losing leaves for the past month or so. They turn yellow and then fall off. There have been a couple leaves in the base of the pot doing the same, the the long vine is the only one losing leaves! All the other vines look totally normal. 

    Does this mean its time to prune? I’m thinking about cutting that vine up and re planting them in the pot. 

    Usually the long branch isn’t hanging like that, it’s usually in the shade. It used to be in the sun but then I rotated it. 
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      Erin Marino Hey Brooke! When was this potted? I'd recommend either pruning this babe (and you could always propagate what you prune - helpful link below) or repotting into a pot about 1-2 inches larger in diameter :)

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      Pei How much water and sun does it get usually? [292855,Brooke]
  • One day mine will be this big!!!
    This is in my absolute favorite nursery in Md. They have gorgeous plants and incredible finds. I always stop here when I’m in Olney. I can’t belive how big this Fiddle is!!! If I had room, I would totally get one. 
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      Erin Marino Ooooo! She's a beauty.
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      Pei what's the place called? Would love to visit when I am in town 😍

      I would love to have a FLF one day, but feel like I would end up hating it because how temperamental they are!
  • Pilea growing spots
    My pilea is growing tiny white spots on the underside of the leaf. The spots are very uniformed and can be picked off by gently scrapping at it. Is this mold? Fungus?
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      PlntNrd Those are stomata and are completely normal. They are basically plant pores and are necessary for proper health. Don’t worry about them, just let them be.
  • Time to repot?
    So excited that this guy is finally taking off! Think it’s time to move up to a bigger pot? Noticing a yellowing leaf at the bottom.  
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      Pei Woaza 😍😍😍

      Yes, I would repot it to a 6" planter. Moonlight philodendron get's really big and top heavy FYI!
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      Caroline Ackerman Yellow leaf:
  • What plant is this?
    This pretty pink baby came in a funeral arrangement and I don't know what he is! He appears to be growing from a bulb or tuber. Any ideas?
  • what is this?
    it says tropical plant but i’m not sure what that is 
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      Pei Neon Pothos!! Super easy and forgiving if you tend to underwater plants (like me!). haha
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      Katie It's a pothos! A very easy going houseplant!
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      Anika sorry, what type of tropical plant it is
  • Bug on monstera
    Hello! I got a monstera from the Sill about two weeks go and I spotted a bug in the soil. I thought it was just one so I ignored it but I was watering today and it looks like there are many more 😭

    Is there an an easy fix for this?? I am really concerned that they will multiply and infest all my plants.
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      Pei What does it look like? Does it fly or just a crawler? [292817,Marryum]
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      PlntNrd Where is the big you’re trying to show? Sorry, it’s just hard to see in the pic.