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A dedicated place where visitors from all over the world can hold conversations about plants, post photos of their collections, ask care questions, and share advice.

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What plant is on your mind?

A dedicated place where visitors from all over the world can hold conversations about plants, post photos of their collections, ask care questions, and share advice.

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  • What kind of plant am I?
    Hi! Wondering what kind of plant this is and what’s the best way to care for it. Any help or advice is much appreciated!
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      Pei it looks like a cast iron plant (Aspidistra elatior) or cordyline too!
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      PlntNrd It looks like either a Ti plant or a Cordyline. I think Ti though.
  • what is this plant? how can i save it? only two leaves left and quite loose!
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      Pei it's a very struggling snake plant :(

      From the photo, it looks like it has not been getting enough light and has been living in a too big of a pot for it.

      How long have it had it and how much water & sun does it get?
  • Flapjack Paddle Plant Help
    Hello! I got this flapjack paddle plant about 2 months ago and it has been developing spots which turn brown and then shrivel up. I have it in a south facing window with bright light, and water sparingly about every 1.5 weeks. No visible signs of pests, and in well-draining soil and pot. Any thoughts? 
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      Pei agreed with [288486,PlntNrd] ! I would also put it closer to the window. It looks pretty far from it....
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      PlntNrd It could be edema or corking. Even though you feel that water it sparingly, and only every 1.5 weeks, that could still be too much. I only water my succulents every 3 weeks. Depending on your environment, it may just not need that much water. Try waiting until you see the leaves actually get wrinkled before you water again next and see how that takes.
  • What plant is this?
    Hi Everybody!

    I just bought this beautiful plant and I need to know what exactly is to take good care of it.

    Can somebody help me?

  • What I Am?
    Hi everyone! 
    Does somebody know what plant this is? :) 
    Thank you!
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      Pei you are a stunning Alocasia Frydek. I love them (all the alocasia family) but they are so finicky :( Good luck!!
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      PlntNrd This is an Alocasia Frydek.
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      Hilary Johnston Hi Kellyn - this looks like an Alocasia Polly! A beautiful one at that.
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  • Yellowish fungus in soil of Christmas cactus
    I noticed a yellowish fungus grows in the soil of my Christmas cactus.  What causes it and how do i get rid of it? 
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      Pei [295933,Melissa] The fungi won't hurt the plant. However, it's also an indication your plant does not dry up enough till its next drink. I will try to wait a bit longer in between waterings :)
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      Carly Hey Melissa,
      Luckily the fungi is is not bad for the plant ( I wrote The Sill about this same fungi a while back). If you want it gone you have to clean the pots and the roots of your plant then replace all the soil. I had this on a few of my plants and just did a huge project of reporting and cleaning the pots and plants. I will report back and let you know if it comes back in a couple of weeks.
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      Hilary Johnston Hi Melissa - this looks like the cactus is getting too much water and the soil is growing mildew. Try placing this in bright light and letting it dry out - these guys don't need much water! In the meantime, I would remove the top layer of dirt and mold.
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  • Sad aloe
    Hi plant parents! I’m new here, and my aloe looks very unhappy. I keep him on my balcony where there’s not a ton of sunlight unfortunately, and I’m watering him every other week ish. Is that too much? Does he hate me?
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      Pei it has been overwatered.

      Aloe likes bright full sun to indirect bright light. I think once every three weeks or once a month water is more then enough. I will suggest to take the plant out and examine the roots carefully. and if it looks black and brownish, i would clean up the rotted ones and resoil it to help it have a second chance!
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      PlntNrd It definitely looks like it is overwatered. Does that pot have a drainage hole in it? Every other week might just be too much for this plant in the conditions it’s in. Only water when the soil is totally totally dried out, and even then, wait a little bit.
  • Asparagus fern care tips
    I just bought a 6” hanging asparagus fern and wondering if anyone has experience taking care of them? 

    I killed one a while back that I was never able to find the right light and water requirements :( want to do it right this time!!
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      Erin What a beauty! I heard they thrive in bright light with weekly waterings / misting. Good luck!
  • Shower plants
    Hello everyone I wanted to know what plants would be good for inside the shower with low light? 🤔
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      Mandu Pothos do very well!
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      Erin Assuming there's a window, maybe a bird's best fern?
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      Beth How “low light” are we talking?
      North facing window, far from a window, none at all?
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  • Draecana 'tarazan' leaning crown
    Hi! New here so thanks in advance for any help :)

    I have a draecana 'tarzan' that's been doing quite well. However, I just noticed that with all the new growth at the top the crown is folded and leaning at an almost 90° angle.

    Worried it's close to snapping. I assume my options are either staking or pruning the crown but not sure what the best option is and if there are any trade-offs.

    Also wondering if anyone has tips on how and where to prune the crown if that is the way to go
  • What am I?
    Any ideas what kind of plant this is? It was only labeled "Plant" and that was too intriguing to not bite. 
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      Pei You are a Dracena green jewel :)
  • received stem/leaf with new plant - will it grow if planted?
    Hey everyone,

    I got a new neon pothos from the Sill. There were a few "stems" in there - appeared to be cut stems with leaves on top that were not rooted and falling out. Not attached to a root at all. I put these back into the soil and packed them in. My question - will they grow roots and become part of the plant? Or eventually die? Seems like the plant had a rough delivery... Sorry I don't have a pick; I don't want to un-plant them. (There were no nodes on these stems).
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      Pei Hey Sheila, do you have a photo?
  • Cactus S.O.S
    Hi Everyone,

    Looking for some guidance on how to help my Cactus friend here. I've had it for over six moths and things were going fine until about a month ago. I noticed the change in color and shape of each segment, but at first thought it was ok. Then the changes continued with the addition of the bottom of some segments looking dried out, and browning. I did some quick research and some resources said it could be root rot, but the narrowing of the top of the segments doesn't fit into that theory(as far as I could deduce). Now the segments are starting to fall away from the main system.

    Any ideas on what is wrong and how I could help my little prickly friend?

    Thank you!

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      PlntNrd How much light is it getting? The thinning and color change at the top is etiolation due to lack of sufficient light. It also looks like it’s in pretty wet dense soil.
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      Pei Is it mushy to touch?
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  • plant ID and how to propagate?
    What's the name of this plant? I accidentally knocked off a branch while moving it around and and wondering if there's any way I can plant it?

    Thanks all!
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      Enid Hernandez Peperomia ferreyrae - Pincushion Peperomia? Not sure.
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      Pei I am it's a type of succulents, just not 100% sure the name. It looks like it needs to be repot!
  • Money Plant - Help!
    I'm pretty good with plants, but this one doesnt ever seem to be happy since I received it.  Any suggestions? At first I thought it was too much water, now maybe not enough? I'm struggling - any suggestions would be helpful! 
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      Pei how much sun and water does is get?