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What plant is on your mind?

An area of The Sill dedicated to conversations about plants and gardening in the form of posted messages and threads.

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  • Propagating Monstera
    This is my first time propagating a plant! Does this look okay? My Monstera has a few little roots popping off and it’s been in there for about a month now. When should I re-pot it? Thanks! 
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      Pei I would give it a few more weeks before you transplant it. Just be careful though not to overwater it. Plants develop different root hairs when in a different medium.
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      Sarah When I'm propagating my monstera in water I leave it in for about two months. Try giving it a little more time!
  • Chinese money plant
    Is it normal for my Chinese money plant leaves to turn yellow/brown and fall off? Some fall off on their own and others I pluck off. 
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      Erin Looks like normal shedding to me! Especially if the leaves that are yellowing and falling off are larger and more mature, vs new growth.
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      Sarah It's normal to have a yellow or brown leaf every now and then - especially if they're bottom leaves. If they are younger leaves that generally means you're overwatering!

      Pilea likes to dry out between waterings so make sure you're not keeping it too wet!
  • What type of plant is this?
    I’m getting a cat and I want to make sure this plant won’t be poisonous to him. It was a gift so I don’t know what type it is. Please help! 
  • Pathos root rot
    I inherited a neon pathos that has root rot. How do I save it from an untimely death?
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      Pei take the plant out of the planter and thoroughly examine the root system. Trim away any dead roots with scissors. At this point, you can either repot the healthy ones in the soil or just root it in the water. Good luck!!
  • Aechmea Fasciata - What To Do With Pups!?
    As you can see from the photo, a pup has been growing from my Aechmea Fasciata for some time now, and it's gotten pretty huge - had to prop up one of the mom's leaves to give it some space.

    Does anyone have experience with removing and propagating pups from bromeliads, if not aechmea's specifically?

    Or maybe you have a really amazing thing you read or watched that helped you do it?

    My understanding is that the mother is pretty much destined to die, so my fear is I screw it up and then both are dead!
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      Berna y Alba I'm having the same question for a while now, because it was difficult for me to find my aechmea so I was very disappointed with the destination to die of the mother plant. At the nursery they told me to split them on the same way that explained [278958,Pei] but I had no idea when. The explanation of @Pei made a lot of sense to me so I'm trying that way. Thanks!!
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      Pei Yea I usually just give the mom a peaceful death by not disturbing /removing the pup. I read that it's important for the baby to absorb all the energy/nutrients from mom... if you do decide to split them, i would say you take the plant out and just pull the two apart ( like how you spilt a snake plant!). Good luck [291063,Plants_Armstrong] !!!
  • Help my Freddie
    Hi guys!

    so I got a Freddie Calathea a few months ago and he was doing great. Even sprouting some new leaves before growth season really kicked in. He was super happy with his bright indirect lighting, and I kept the humidity relatively high with watering about once a week.

    Now that growth season has started, he seemed thirstier, so I bumped up water to about twice each week. He seemed happy with that for about three weeks until about two days ago.. His leaves curled in and he kind of just fell over like he couldn’t hold himself up anymore. 

    Anyone have any advice?

    Please help! Thanks <3
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      Pei Hi [289062,Tessa] your Freddie looks SUPER thirsty. You mentioned you bumped up the water frequency, but how much water do you give each time?
  • Alocasia Polly House Care
    The Sill sent this to me maybe 12 days ago and I repotted it maybe 4 days ago. The leaves have turned color and the stems are starting to wrinkle. It also lost a couple leaves already.  I repotted from a 4" to 6". With a mix of potting soil, sand, and white drainage stuff (peat something maybe). What else can I do?
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      Pei How much sun and water does it get??? Have you watered it since you repotted it?
  • Pilea problems
    Hi, my twin pileas sharing a pot seem to be struggling. They are losing leaves. Each fallen leaf will turn slightly yellow and then drop. They do seem to have some new ones sprouting. 

    - It was potted and purchased about two weeks ago. 
    - I’ve been watering it lightly about once a week. (Maybe over watering?)
    - It’s in a spot that gets a medium amount of light

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      Katie Sometimes plants will drop a couple leaves after being purchased as they adjust to their new surroundings. My pilea started dropping its lower leaves in the same way after I had it for almost a year and I put it in a larger pot and it stopped. So if your plant doesn't stop dropping leaves after a month, it may need a larger pot :)
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      Pei Does the pot has drainage hole?
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig Drying Out? HELP!
    Brought this beautiful tree home on Monday and since then, the leaves on the stalk are starting to crinkle and discolor, which I’m assuming is because of a lack of water :( I’ve watered it twice and the leaves are no longer drooping. None have dropped. Also have noticed it might be root bound considering the circling roots at the top of the planter that appear drying and brittle? TIPS PLEASE! Do not want to see one of the stalks drop all of its leaves. Thanks!!! 🌿🌿🌿
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      Pei Fiddle leaf Fig is naturally very finicky. They are not the best beginner plants unfortunately! Your fiddle looks very thirsty from the photo. How much and how often do you water?

      The key to a thriving fiddle is 1) lots of sunlight - place it right by the window silll and it should receive at least 4-5 hours of direct sun. 2) consistency is very importantant with these guys - meaning the temperature, water, the
  • Parlor Palm
    My parlor palm isn’t looking so great. The leaves keep browning. It’s on a north facing window sill. I water it regularly and mist it in between. 
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      Plants_Armstrong How regular is regularly? How long have you had it? Does it have holes in the bottom of its container?
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      Pei Do you have a photo of its current state? @areej
  • HELP :(
    My beautiful Alocasia Frydek starter to turn to yellow. I don't know what I'm doing wrong :(

    It has only two leaves and the other one is completely perfect.
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      Pei What a beauty!!! I’m a sucker for all alocasia. They are so unique, but painfully finicky sometimes.

      How much sun and water does it get?
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      Erin Alocasias are funny because their leaves can yellow if they've been overwatered OR underwatered/low humidity, go figure! Because it also has slightly brown tips my guess would be underwatered and low humidity.

      I have an alocasia polly at home whose leaves start to yellow like clockwork. The one saving grace though is it always seems to bounce back! Not the leaf, that yellows and eventually I cut it off, but the plant itself. I've cut it back many times to 1 leaf or only a stem, and after a month or two, a new leaf appears.
  • Does anyone know what this is?
    Hi! My husband and I recently moved into a new home. We have been having a lot of fun watching things grow in this spring. Does anyone know what this is? At first I thought it was hens and chicks but it’s definitely not. Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks!!
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      Pei [292133,Megan Brown] looks like a asiantic Lillies. Not to sound like a creep, but where do you live? It could be different plant though depends on your location 😊
  • dracaena marginata needs help!
    guys! the lower stocks of my dracaena marginata are not doing too well. the leaves are falling off (only on the lower trunks?). it was getting some direct sunlight during the morning and bright indirect sunlight throughout the day so thought it might be needing more sunlight so I moved it to my living room but alas it doesn't seem to be helping. I water ~2xs a month since it doesn't get a ton of direct light. 

    can someone help me?!
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      Erin Not sure if it's the same issue but my dracaena had similar visual symptoms and I think it was from overwatering!
    These white stuff keep coming back. I clean my plant with alcohol almost every other day and these keeps coming back. I dont want to give up on my goldfish plant. What is it? What's the best way to ELIMINATE them? Please help me safe my plant :)
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      Megan Sangimino Good luck!!
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      karen sanchez Hello my orchid had a bad case. Mixed Dawn Detergent with a little water put in spray bottle,,let it sit a bit then wash with water isolate the little guy till cured
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      Pei :( oh no!

      My guess is you have not been treating the plant thoroughly. I would repeat the alcohol treatment, but make sure you get EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. After the alcohol wipe, I would also hose the plant down with water. Good luck!!!
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  • Schefflera Leaf Discoloration
    My Schefflera has been growing pretty steadily since I got it months ago, but I noticed some of its leaves have this discoloration where there seems to be gaps in the darker greens. I am 99% certain it isn't from a pest, but curious if anyone knows what causes it.

    Is it a watering thing? Is it a nutrient thing? I have fertilized it maybe twice in the past month and a half - basically every other watering - but I think I halved the dosage and maybe even halved the suggested frequency.

    Thoughts? Something I should just ignore given all else seems to be going well?
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      Pei Not sure what that was. But I flush the soil of all my plants occasionally to wash away any unwanted buildups (like salts, menerals, and etc..) if you think the fertilizer is the reason. Either way, I would ignore tbh considering the plant is happy overall. Sometimes plants are weird (aren't we all?) haha!