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What plant is on your mind?

An area of The Sill dedicated to conversations about plants and gardening in the form of posted messages and threads.

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  • Propagating a monstera
    Hi all. New here. 

    I’m trying to propagate this Monstera leaf. It had a shoot off of it which is obviously in the soil now. This leaf isn’t great. 1-will it actually propagate this way and 2- should I cut this leaf off or leave it. If you cut them do they regrow? New to a monstera - TIA XX
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      Sarah It should propagate this way with the size of that stem. I'd try propagating in water - I usually have better luck with Monsteras with water propagation!
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      Kelly I think so... it had like a white shooting thing coming out the stem lol
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      Pei [299800,Kelly] Does it have roots already? If it's just a stem cutting it won't live actually. Usually, you want to leave the leaf as it is if the root system has established.
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  • What's Up with my Monstera??
    About a year ago, I purchased this Monstera from The Sill <3 and so far it's been doing great and I've had no problems. However, recently, I've discovered some black spots on the leaves and stalk of my plant, that kinda resemble ink blots. Besides the spots, it seems to be doing well, as two new leaves are forming. I took my Monstera outside to get some sunlight a few days ago, could it be a sunburn? Or, is this a sign of something much worse? This album has additional images. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNyc-IGvbwPZSeWw-lqTCQQrNsdkNHcxaQdv59lzoFjHiT_p54BulYchGemLMaQxw?key=Q2VVazRycUNpZzVnYWFTZ2M4QkxzbjAyQjJ5X0l3

    Please help! :( 
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      Bezan Hello Abby,

      How often do you water your Monstera? It may be helpful to allow the soil to dry out almost completely before watering it again. Also, make sure not the splash the leaves of the Monstera with water when watering as they are susceptible to bacterial/fungal spots, which is most likely what you're seeing with your Monstera.

      Hope this helps!
  • Curling Calathea and Yellowing Philodendron / ZZ Plant
    Hi, all! New plant parent here! I hope it's ok that I'm asking about multiple plants in 1 post. If I should break them up into 3 different posts, 1 for each plant, then please let me know!

    A little background info: I got these guys around Oct-Nov of last year, and most of them did well up until a few months ago. I water them all on a separate but regular schedule using the Waterbot app on my phone to keep track, and I use a moisture meter to doublecheck if the soil really is dry and ready before watering, adjusting the schedule accordingly. I have them sitting on top of some low bookshelves that get light from a really big, really tall, west-facing window that only gets direct sunlight a few minutes a day when the sun hits it just right. The house is at a constant 75 degrees F during the day and 69 at night. I'm not sure what the humidity is, but I also have a snake plant, a couple pothos, and a fern in the same area as these problem plants, and all of those are thriving without any issues. About a month ago, I re-potted every plant in the house with new soil, but I don't think that has changed anything, since these problems started before the re-potting and things don't seem to have gotten better or worse.

    I can't seem to add any photos directly to the post for some reason, so here's an album of all the relevant photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/H5ngxCPrgEVYH2Ce7

    A couple months ago, I noticed the small bottom leaves on my calathea getting dry and brittle and some of the larger leaves starting to curl too. I read that they like humidity, so I started spritzing it with water twice a day, morning and evening, to see if that would help. I waited for a couple weeks, but decided to cut off the bottom leaves, since they no longer seemed to be alive. I'm still spritzing it regularly, but nothing seems to be changing (neither positively nor negatively). Is there anything more I can do to help it along?

    My silver philo actually looks to be doing well overall, and it's still producing new leaves. However two of its leaves started turning yellow before I re-potted everything, and I'm not sure if it's due to overwatering or if it's just a normal part of a leaf cycle. Should I just prune them off? If not, then what should I do?

    My ZZ plant is in the worst shape. When I first got it, all the leaves were a nice dark green, like the tallest stem currently is. Slowly over time, it started getting sad and yellow. There are a couple stems that are still green and sturdy, but some of them are drooping and fading, and I can pull them out of the soil with no resistance, as though their roots aren't growing or taking to the soil, even though I've had this plant for over 6 months now (it was the same before I re-potted it with new soil). The yellowing stems always seem in danger of falling over. I thought maybe it was due to overwatering, so I've completely stopped watering it for a couple weeks now, but nothing seems to have changed. I'm at a loss for what to do to revive it.

    I would appreciate any help at all for any of these plants!
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      Nicole I'm no expert, but I do have a Calathea and ZZ plant. The Calathea looks dry- They like their soil constantly moist but not soggy. They're kind of finicky - they like it humid, so spritzing might not be enough. You can add humidity by adding a pebble tray and making sure it's grouped with other plants.
      Your poor ZZ might have root rot from over-watering. I'd probably try taking it out of the pot and check the roots. If they're mushy and brown, take all that off and try to re-pot what's left. I hope you can save it! ZZ's thrive on neglect. I water mine maaaybe once every 3-4 weeks, less in winter. Even then, I'm careful not to overdo it. ZZ's have potato-like tubers on their roots that hold a lot of water.
      I'm not sure about the Philo, but I'd definitely cut off the yellow leaves. Maybe overwatered at some point, but if it's a disease of some sort, you want to get that leaf out of there!
      Hope this helps!
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  • Propagated philodendron
    I received a propagated plant from a friend, it looks like there is only one stem that was propagated. Will this become a full plant or should there have been more than one stem planted? Thanks for your help.
  • What am I?
    My aunt had this very interesting plant in her home and she wasn't sure what it was.

    Any ideas?
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      Pei Wowwww... super cool!! Looks like a ZigZag cactus, AKA fishbone cactus to me. They need full sun btw!
  • Brown, thin, papery leaves!
    Help! Within 2 weeks, the leaves have begin to turn brown and almost as thin as tissue paper from the points in.

    A little bit of information — I received it as a gift 2 weeks ago and have watered it only once since then (maybe that's the problem) as I've read to water only when the soil feels slightly dry. It currently sits in low light and I have not repotted it.

    Any ideas on what's going on and how I can bring it back to good health?

    Thank you in advance!
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      Pei Hey Melanie, there are three different plants in this pot. Which one do you mean? The tall one? Did it feel mushy or dry to touch, btw?
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      Erin Hi Melanie! Browning leaves on a dracaena plant are usually an indication of overwatering. Is the potting mix wet right now? If so, could you move it to a spot where it will receive brighter light and see if that'll help the potting mix dry out quicker? Medium indirect should be fine. I'd also prune off any of the browning leaves to encourage new healthy growth.

      Is it also potted with an arrowhead plant and a pothos plant? Although arrangements of plants look great for gifts, I tend to recommend keeping different species separate when potted in containers. That way if there's an issue with one plant (whether root rot, pests, etc.) you can identify and address it easier.
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  • Dry brown spot on arrow plant
    For the most part, my arrow plant has been doing well with a few new leaves uncurling recently. I first noticed a dry, brown spot on one smaller leaf (towards the bottom of the picture) a  week or so ago. I thought maybe it was getting too much direct sun, so I moved this guy from the window sill it was on to a bar cart about 15 ft from the window. Just today I noticed a similar spot developed on one of the larger leaves. Any thoughts on what this is from?? And how I can prevent more leaves from getting this? 
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      Pei how much and often do you water it, btw?
  • Spike
    I just received this in the mail yesterday.  (May 16, 2019) 
    The info card said it’s a Haworthia sp.
    Nowhere have I been able to find this little guy online!
    I’m even curious if it was deliberately designed to look like a heart.
    Currently, it is sitting in a west side windowsill.
    The Sill named it “Spike.”  
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      Pei It’s a Hoya Kerri! The Sill included the wrong card unfortunately!
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      dekadaye this is a hoya kerrii or sweetheart hoya plant. they included the wrong info card.
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  • Tree suggestion
    I'd like to add an indoor tree to my living room, but not sure which type would be good. Area has mostly northern exposure in Colorado, so the air is dry. There is a small western facing window where it could be exposed to late afternoon sun, but I've given some thought to frosting the window just to help with the scorch of afternoon rays. That would diffuse the light considerably.  Area also has 3 northern facing skylights as well.  


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      Erin I've always wanted a Ficus Audrey floor plant - they have a tree-like silhouette like the Fiddle Leaf Fig but I find them to be less fickle! Might be a nice pick!
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      Pei With three both facing windows, It actually sounds you have pretty good light to me. I think you can try Aralia, Parlor palm,majestic palm, Alocasia(the bigs ones), Ficus (though they are temperamental), or dreaceana!
  • is there mold on my alocasia leaf?
    Hello out there - 

    I know Alocasia love humidity, so I bought a mini humidifier and was using it daily on the play for about 5 days. Suddenly a leaf developed the markings above. I'm concerned it's fungus or mold - what do people think? And what should I do, if anything?
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      Pei That looks like either leaf fungal infection or overwater! How close do you place your humidifier to the plant? Too close would let the water droplets accumulates on the leaves which would cause leaf fungal infection. Another possibility is you have overwatered your plant and it showed the symptom now (not because of the humidifier). How much and how often do you water it?
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      Stephiem3 I have something similar going on with my bird of paradise. I wish I knew what it was :/
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  • Bird of Paradise: bugs or fungus? Help?
    Hello! I've had this bop for about 5 months and it was doing just fine as far as I know. At one point I noticed some bugs under the leaves (turned out to be spider mites). I cleaned the, off and treated it with need oil and then let it go. A few weeks later I saw the tip of the newest leaf turning black and saw that there were more mites. I cleaned them off again. Within a week half of both large leaves were burned black (see pic). Someone told me that it was the spider mite damage and that if I cleared those out it would be fine and the new growth would be healthy. I went to war with the bugs and haven't seen the, in a week. But a new leaf is just barely poking out and I can already see that the tip is burned black as well :(
    so my questions are: is this what the mites did? If not what could it be? And then can I save it? Or is it a goner? 
    ThNk you so much in advance for any insight! 
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      Pei Unfortunately Parlor palm is a MAGNET for spider mites. Those are likely cause by it. I suggest to snip off anydahed leaves and keep a vigilant eyes on your palm at all times. Your plant is not dead, it’s just unfortunate that Parlor palm is a high maintenance plant (because of the mites) in my opinion. Also, when you use neem oil, make sure you dilute it with water. If you don’t, you’ll chemically burn the leaves!
  • Countertop Water Distillers?
    Has anyone tried one of these and/or have recommendations? Alternately, I am crazy to consider getting one?

    I have a few plants that I've been told / read are very fussy and really prefer distilled water, so I feel like maybe it's a worthwhile investment, especially considering how much I love those plants and how much they actually cost in the first place.

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      Pei What plants are they? I’m so curious 🤗

      I don’t fond any difference with distilled or not. I use tap water (NYC here) and my plants are all fine.
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      Erin Ooo I'm curious if anyone uses one too! I live in NY so the tap water is generally ok for my plants (and me).
  • Wilting Monstera after Repot
    Hi! I repotted this Monstera a few weeks ago and the base leaves have been wilted ever since. A few leaves at the base went yellow after the repotting. I think I may have not had the best technique while repotting and caused root shock. I repotted a second Monstera and that one seems to be doing much better and is not wilting.

    For this plant, what do you recommend to get it back to being healthy again? I'm basically leaving it in a sunny spot and watering appropriately, but it doesn't seem to be bouncing back. No more leaves seem to be turning yellow, however, so I'm hoping that's a good sign.
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      Pei Is that the most recent photo of the plant? She looks SUPER happy though :)
  • Asparagus Fern Help
    Hi! I got this asparagus fern a couple months back and within the past two months I’ve been seeing brown and brittle parts on it. And it’s getting worse! I tried watering less and changing up his spot, but would love to get some educated thought on what’s happening with him. The internet says if it’s yellowing he needs more light but browning means overwatering? When I got it I was told to keep the dirt moist, and I live in Denver so it’s super dry here. And I can’t figure out how to upload a photo. Help!0XK0t7sLxxdL36YgLnmAZb8nw
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      Erin Hi Shae! These fellas are humidity lovers! If you have a humidifier you could place by it, that should help, or you could try a pebble tray and/or glass terrarium top. I've never had much luck with them because my NYC apartment is super dry.
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      Pei Asparagus is actually not a true fern, (nor asparagus). They are tropical perennial. In order to thrive, keep it at a brightly lit environment, but no direct sun should touch it. Because of how fine the leaves are, you don't want to burn the foliages. The leaves usually turn yellow when the environment is dry too. I would suggest investing a humidifier to provide the high humidity they need. If not, it's quite normal for them to yellow like that, unfortunately.
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      Shae Attached an image from desktop!
  • Is there enough light in my house for plants?
    I have a skylight and a glass cube window that gets a bit of light inside my house. With both of these, I can tell what time of day it is but I'm not sure how much actual light that's good for plants will come in. I attached a photo of what my house looks like in the morning without any of the other lights on—it gets a bit brighter depending on the day but this is about how much light I usually get.

    Which plants would survive well here? Is my only hope to put the plants underneath the skylight, or could I put them in other parts of my house? Thanks!
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      Pei Your place looks pretty dark to me! I would stick to low light plants and put them as close to the light source as possible. ZZ plant, pothos, snake plants are good options to consider!
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