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About a month ago, I purchased this Calathea Medallion plant at The Sill store in Chinatown. However, it doesn't seem to be very happy. The edges of the leaves are brown and brittle, and some leaves are yellowing. I know sometimes yellowing can be a sign of overwatering, so I haven't watered it in about a week.  Right now the plant is on a desk, so it doesn't get direct sunlight but also isn't in darkness. I asked one of my green-thumbed friends for advice, and she thought initially it might be spider mites or type of water, but I checked the leaves and they seem fine and also switched to only watering with bottled water (but again, I haven't watered it in over a week). Anyone have any similar experiences or have any idea what to do? 
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    Lauren Ugh Calathea are so hard to keep alive, the only kind ive vern able to keep thriving is the raddlesnake
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    Blake I've been having the same problem since receiving my Calathea plant. I've been trying to keep the soil moist, but not saturated. Similar to what [291033,Tara] mentioned - I think it's humidity related. I've purchased a small warm mist humidifier to keep near "needy" plants, hoping to help them get through the cold/dry midwest winter. Good luck, keep us updated.
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    Tara My Calathea looks JUST like this. It's been a really tricky plant and seems to always be unhappy no matter what I do. I got some advice recently about moving it into the bathroom to absorb the humidity, and that the moisture was more important than the amount of light. Hopefully we can both revive them!
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    Pei Calathea is just a pain, but too beautiful to not have it! [290210,Abby]
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    Paris Lalicata Hey Abby! Calathea Medallions are one of the more trickier Calatheas to maintain in the home. Never let the soil dry out, keep it consistently moist and re-water when the top 2-3 inches feel dry. The way the plants leaves are browning at the edges, and also the yellow leaves are a sign of moisture stress. My tips would be to keep that plant moist, and boost up the humidity! Having a moisture meter and mister will help you with these :)
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    Lisa Put it in a place with a bit more bright (but still indirect) light. I would also put a pebble tray underneath it with some water in it to increase the humidity around it. And, you could also mist the leaves periodically. It doesn’t want to completely dried out, I don’t believe. I let tap water sit out for 24 hours before watering as some say it’s the chlorine that causes the brown leaves, but you’re already using bottled water so I don’t know that you need to do that. Good luck!!