Droopy Philodendron HELP!

I just recently purchased 2 Philodendron Silver plants from this website. As soon as they arrived yesterday I gave them water, named them and put them in their respective "to be" pots. So, I did not remove them from their original pots yet because I have to repot them after work today. So what I noticed is that one of them is lively and the other one is extremely droopy. This morning I put them both in front of the window so they could get some soft sunlight. The one that is lively is even more lively but the droopy one is even more droopy! 

I am so afraid because I love them both and do not want that one to die. Please someone help me revive my little Janet! 

Thank you.  
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    Pei It sounds like the other one is thirsty! But if you can share a photo would be easier to tell :) [292580,aaalmanz]
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    Erin Can you share photos? Thanks!