My new monstera
My husband recently ordered me some plants from The Sill for my birthday- best present ever! I am curious about my monstera. Is it normal for it to spread out so much and almost lay flat? Anyone have any pointers for me? Thanks in advance! 
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    PlntNrd When you buy plants from nurseries and other places, they often give you a pot with multiple small plants or well rooted cuttings all planted together. From the pic, it’s looks like there are multiple plants/cuttings in your pot. The leaning left side looks like two plants that, may have the roots entwined with the other plants in the pot, but are not actually attached and they are top heavy plus the soil isn’t holding them in well and they have just kind of fallen to the side. When you repot this guy, this should fix itself. Just choose a pot a little bigger than the size of the nursery pot (about 2 inches larger).
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      Megan Brown Thank you! Just bought a new pot today so will be replanting soon :)
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        Pei Please share a photo! Would love to see how it looks :)
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    Pei Hi [292133,Megan Brown], yup that's totally normal. It's just how Monstera grows naturally - they extend their arms wide 😁Also FYI, you will also see the bottom ones die off first too as they age.