Monstera and flies
Recently I received a 6” monstera from sill as a gift and while watering it today I noticed apx 5-10 tiny flies fly from the soil. Anyone know what this means or what to do?
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    Pei Does that pot has drainage? Fugus gnats are annoying to deal with, but it's a good indicator that the soil has been consistently staying too moist. So I'd recommend to let the soil dry out completely – at least 3" deep – and make sure you only water when the soil is dry to touch (same depth!). And yes, Monsteras like bright light even half day full sun would work too. They need the energy (sun) to put the splits and holes btw!!
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    Erin Fungus gnats love moisture! I'd recommend letting the soil try out completely before watering again. You can help it try out quicker if you put it in a spot where it receives bright indirect light, which monsteras love anyway. If you want to really deter them, I'd get some diatomaceous earth from amazon prime or your local hardware store and sprinkle a generous amount in the soil too.
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    Emily This is my monstera