Monstera please help!
Hi! I need help! I am usually dubbed the green thumb and. An usually keep a plant alive and thriving, but this monstera is not happy. I repotted with a mix of perlite, sill potting soil, and sill cactus soil. Is it not draining well? My pot has a large hole at the bottom but the bottoms are turning black? My house has a water softener? Could it be the salts? Should I use distilled water? Unsure ): 
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    Erin Agree with Jenna below- if you can repot it into fresh dry soil, that might be worthwhile! If you're able to share a photo of the entire plant that would be helpful too. I'd also say you might not need to create your own potting mix. Perlite helps hold in moisture so it might have been doing a disservice to your plant - where your soil felt dry on top so you watered, but essentially there was already moisture waiting to be needed under the surface. I'd just stick with general sill potting soil.
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    Sophia Campos some of the plant does not have that, but I want to make sure I dont kill the rest of it. is the soil holding too much water? I ordered a soil sleuth to check. I just don't want it dying
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    Pei oh no! It has rotted unfortunately and beyond savable :( I don't think it has anything to do with monstera as they are usually not that sensitive.
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    jenna Looks like rot sadly. I’d check the roots of the plant. If it’s a deep pot, the bottom soil may be too wet. There’s something called a soil sleuth that you can get on amazon. It’s super helpful to check soil moisture levels. You plunge it straight down into the soil and it takes a small sample of soil from multiple levels so you can see if the bottom soil is too wet. But until you have that, I’d do a soil refresh and check to see if the roots are squishy.