Calla Lily - Bent Stems
I ordered a Calla Lily for my Mom for Mother's Day, and it arrived yesterday with all the bloom stems bent in half so that the blooms are facing downward. Any advice on how to salvage these? Can they recover? Or do I need to get my Mom a new present before Sunday (this one looks so sad)?

Note: I do not have a photo.
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    Pei oh no, sorry to hear that! shipping plants could be tricky - it sounded to me the plant had a very rough ride and has some cosmetic damage. I'd trim away all the damage leaves and let it grow back. Cuz technically the plant is not dead yet. But The Sill has good customer service, it doesn't hurt to shoot them an email to request a new plant :) Good luck!!
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      Kelley Thank you, Pei. Unfortunately cutting off the damaged stems would leave the plant with no blooms for my Mom! Oh well, I will contact customer service and see if they will replace. Thank you again.