Black coral taro
Hi! I got a black coral taro and I’m trying to keep it in a pot indoors, however it’s been getting brown spots since I brought it home. I called the nursery and they said it’s not getting enough sun, but the internet says it could be getting sun burnt?  I’ve got it in an east facing window so it gets full sun for the first half of the day. It’s also the window in my shower so it gets good humidity. The leaves are also curling? I’ve been watering it so that there’s still water in the bottom of the pot it’s in because it’s a pond plant but I worry about root rot? I also haven’t repotted it from its nursery container yet, so because it likes to be in water features are drainage holes a make or break?

Honestly any tips on this guy would be amazing! 
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    Pei I killed my Colociasa too. They are so beautiful, but SO difficult. Mind lived happily in an east facing window for a good couple of months, but infested with spider mites (those suckers!!) later that I was not able to save it :(

    From my experience, I would say east facing window is definitely fine. As it still gets the energy (sun), but won't get burn as afternoon sun does to plants. Good luck [302009,Lauren swan]! Keep us posted :)
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    Erin These plants are beautiful but difficult to keep happy indoors. I've actually had trouble keeping any type of Colocasia alive inside unfortunately. It sounds like you have it in the perfect spot - bright light and high humidity - so might just be acclimating to it's new home still. Good to keep in mind though that the brightest light indoors is usually equivalent to the shadiest spot outdoors! Might be worth testing it in brighter light if possible.