Birdsnest fern
I’ve had this plant since February, has not grown too much in size. Some leaves have brown spots, some leaves have not grown well. I’ve recently repotted it as I thought maybe it was an issue with the soil. Has anyone had similar issues, knows how to make it healthy again? 
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    Pei [302421,Andrea] it looks to me your fern is not getting enough light actually! Sunlight is the most important food source and energy plants need to put out new growths. How much sun does it get?
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      Andrea It was in the bathroom that has an east facing window. Have taken it out of there and into my bedroom, also gets indirect bright light from east facing window.
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        Pei Was it right on the windowsill? East facing widow is good for ferns as they still get the energy from the morning sun, but don't get burn (afternoon sun). I will just make sure to put it right on the widowsill or at least within 3" from a window :)