Troubled Pilea
Hello plant gurus,
   So, I have this young pilea and I cannot figure what I’m doing wrong with it. The poor thing will get a droopy leaf and it’ll fall off. Perfectly green, firm stem, gets plenty of new shoots...I let him dry out before thoroughly watering him again. I’ve had him about a year and a half. Maybe this is just normal?

Thanks for any any advice you have!
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    Erin Hi Tiffany! Are the leaves that are falling off, big mature leaves towards the bottom of the stem? If so, it's probably just normal shedding as the plant grows! (Whereas if its new immature growth at the top of the plant that is turning yellow, it could be a watering or light issue.)
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      Tiffany Tara Bodholdt Thanks for the reply, Erin. The plant doesn’t really have any leaves at the “bottom” but from what there is for stems, I’d say it’s near the bottom. I’ve had a yellow leaf or two but the majority are nice and healthy and good sized. So I suppose maybe he is just shedding his leaves. He’s not going to have many left soon though!
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        Pei Tiffany, from the photo it looks like your pilea is not getting enough sun and water. I will suggest to move it to a brighter spot and aim up the water (either the amount of frequency).
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          Erin Agreed! I think it's getting legging and might be shedding more leaves than usual because of lack of light. Possible to move it somewhere will it'll receive bright direct to bright indirect light?