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  • This pep is a beaut
    But what kind of sunlight does it need?! Any other tips to keep its leaves dark green?
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      Sam Storch [278949,Christina Sotto] I have mine in bright indirect light and it seems to be really happy there. Mine is even blooming!
  • What pest is this!
    I watered my cactus last night, and this mold looking pest literally grew on one of the stocks over night! I already separated it from the other stock and threw it out, but WOW! I need help to diagnose so I can take care of the other stock.
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      PlntNrd Yeah, looks like maybe mealy bugs. Take a qtip soaked in alcohol or just mist alcohol directly on cottony looking stuff. If it’s mealy bugs, you’ll see that white cottony stuff fade away and then a little bug (yuck) will be left behind. Good thing though, alcohol kills mealy bugs, so you’ll be killing them at the same time. When I spray alcohol on mealy they also turn a darker color. If they do turn out to be mealys, you can spot treat by killing and wiping away with alcohol qtips. Repeat this every week for a few weeks, until you no longer see the mealys. If they infestation is really bad, you may want to remove very infested parts of the plant. Also, if this is a houseplant or potted outdoor plant, you will want to remove it and keep away from nearby plants so the infestation doesn’t spread to others.
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      Jam Y8 Oh no! :( looks like mealy?