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  • Bonsai blues
    A current picture of what was a beautiful weeping willow bonsai (unknown scientific ID).

    Only about a month after living in my home it has dropped all it's beautiful sun-grown leaves, and has been leafless until this very day.

    I moved it to my South facing window where I keep all my cacti in hopes it would grow more shade-tolerant leaves, but has failed to do so. 

    I scratched some bark off to see if the tree was still alive, and underneath was still green and fleshy!

    Any ideas on how to care for bonsai/indoor trees better? Or why my bonsai is still in this dormancy?
  • Battle of the ferns
    My button fern(Pellaea rotundifolia) has recently moved into my shower! Since ferns love humidity and crisp up very quickly this is the only place in my house during the winter where she stays a little happy.

    Any other humidity ideas?
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      PlntNrd Just curious, do you have a window in your bathroom? I would love to put some of my plants in the bathroom, but I have no windows.
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      Elana You could put a tray of pebbles underneath a plant and make sure to keep that 1/2 filled with water. When the water evaporates the plants will get that extra humidity! Also grouping plants together increases humidity. And getting a humidifier always works!
  • Adopt the damaged
    The clearance section in most garden centers is a good place to find inexpensive plants that are otherwise overlooked! Once you address how much damage is done, and what you can do to cure it, you can save a plant!

    This elephant bush(Portulacaria afra) was severely dehydrated and had compacted soil. Simply aerated and saturated the soil and was back to good health!
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      Sam Storch I love my little oyster plant that I revived from the clearance section at Lowes! Sometimes their plants seem beyond repair but it's exciting to bring them back to life.
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      Eliza Blank Some just throw out old plants if you're into dumpster diving... hey, you never know.
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      Jam Y8 Nice I used to this too when I lived around nurseries. Super easy way to fill a garden cheaaaap
  • Living in H2O
    This is a pothos jade (Epipremnum aureum) cutting I took almost 3 years ago permanently living in water. This cutting can no longer live in soil, but has been living happily in this vase for some time!

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      Chelsea Can you explain to me why it can't live in soil anymore? Does it adapt to the water exclusively?
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      Elana That’s so cool! My mom has a pothos cutting she’s had in water for ten years!