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  • Calathea Pinstripe Care
    Hello! New plant owner and newbie. So, I ordered a Calathea Pinstripe, which I realize now was probably not the best choice for a beginner. Ha! Anyway, probably a silly question, but when it arrives, do I leave it in the pot it comes in and then set that directly into a planter? Or, do I need to cut it out and plant it? Recommendations for soil, etc? Also, I live in a drier climate and I know they like humidity. Will misting it be enough? Any tips for this beginner would be much appreciated!!
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      Andrea I just got it yesterday and I have a leaf curling. Anything to be worried about? I’ve been trying to baby it since it arrived!!
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Andrea! I’m a Calathea owner myself and it’s definitely a plant that needs more attention. It’s always good to leave your plant in the nursery pot for a few days so it can acclimate to its environment first to prevent shock once transplanting to its permanent home. Do not cut your plant! It should already be rooted so when you repot you’ll only be breaking up the “root ball”. Usually a soil that has good drainage but also water retention as Calatheas like to stay moist! A soil mix with both perlite and peat moss will work best! As far as humidity goes, I tend to put humidity loving plants in my bathroom and mist them several times a day. Misting once a day won’t do much, so if humidity is an issue investing in a humidifier and grouping plants with similar requirements will work! Hope this helps :)
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