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  • Pathos
    im trying to propagate my pathos. Roots form but then they turn black and then the stem goes black. Advice please??
  • Growth spurt
    This echevaria has had this huge growth spurt in the last week or two. Does it need to be repotted?
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      Pei I also feel like succulents roots are usually really shallow. so you can probably get away and wait to repot it in another year or 2! [289322,Linda]
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      PlntNrd Close up pic of succulent shelf
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      PlntNrd Good. It should be happier with more light. Succulents are beautiful and awesome, but if you live on the east coast (like me) and have tons of trees blocking all of your windows (again me), they can be a pain. I ended up having to put lights up everywhere I have succulents. Here is one of my set ups. This is my living room plant stand and the bottom doesn’t get a lot of natural light and I couldn’t figure out what to do with it and I needed another place to put succulents, because i can’t fit anymore on the stands/bookshelves in bedroom. Then I realized if I could mount a light there it would be a great succulent shelf. I really love the way it turned out. Excuse the Christmas lights, these pics were taken this past Christmas:)
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