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  • Sad Bird's Nest Fern
    This Bird's Nest Fern has been sad and browning almost since I got it. My apartment is fairly dry, but I keep her near a humidifier that I run daily, and keep an eye on the soil dryness. Any thoughts?
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      Pei It looks a bit dry to me... how much water do you give it? And how often? [290326,Emily]
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      Rosy Hello! How much light has it been getting? I've been told by my plant loving friend that although some plants may be labeled "low light," they still need a certain amount of "low" sunlight for certain periods of time each day
  • Norfolk Pine
    I got this Norfolk Pine in a holiday tro from The Sill around November. The tips of the branches are turn gin brown. It is happening slowly, but it is spreading. It is kept in an East facing window that gets direct sunlight through the first part of the day, and indirect for most of the rest of the day. I have upped the watering a bit, but it hasn't changed. Any thoughts? Thank you!
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      Ava Norfolk pines do turn brown in some areas! If the humidity is ok just prune the brown area. This is a normal thing with norfolk pines!
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      Paris Lalicata Hey Emily! The crisping and browning of the leaves looks like a humidity issue. Since the Norfolk is a tropical pine it has high humidity requirements! You can prune any dead and crispy needles, and try to increase the humidity around the plant. You can do that by misting the plant heavily on a daily basis, keeping it the bathroom, or providing a humidifer nearby! Hope this helps :)