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  • Who am I?
    What cactus is this? Will it flower?
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      PlntNrd Sometimes it very hard to tell the exact species or cultivar of a cactus or succulent without actually seeing the flower. That said, yes, if given the proper/optimal conditions, it will flower and I think this might be either a Pachycereus or Pilosocereus.
  • Droopy Birds Nest Bern
    Is she dying? She is so droopy.
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      Pei [291209,Enid Hernandez] It's SUPER thirsty :( In general you want to keep the soil consistantly moist!
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      cortney is it getting enough water? they like to be kept humid and moist but not soaking or wet
  • Rubber Tree?
    Hello plant lovers. Is this a ficus elastica? What are those yellow dotted growths; flowers or leaves? Thanks!
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      PlntNrd You probably thought it was a rubber tree, because they are sometimes called “Baby rubber plant”. I’m not totally convinced it’s an Obtusifolia. The plant in the blue pot that you can see in the mirror definitely looks like an Obtusifolia, but the one in question’s leaves are more tear drop shaped and slightly thinner. This looks more like a Peperomia Magnoliifolia to me, but I could be wrong.
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      Kyle That is a flowering peperomia. Looks happy!
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