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  • Help!! What is it??
    i noticed my string of buttons started turning dark brown at the bottom and then it started happening to another stalk. What is it? Is it infected??
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      Ali Thank you both so much for your advice!! I assume it’s from not getting enough light. The leaves are not mushy and I probably only water it every 2 weeks or so. I’m moving it to an area with more sunlight to see if that helps!! Thanks again!! 💚🌱
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      PlntNrd There are a few things going on here. 1- your string of buttons is very etiolated and needs more light. 2- that potting mix doesn’t look appropriate for succulents. Succulents need very fast draining and porous substrate. I use a mix I make of cactus soil, perlite, and aquarium gravel. 3-does that pot have a hole in the bottom for drainage? If not, you really should think about reporting in to a vessel that does. Are the brown leaves mushy or soft at all? If so, then you are overwatering and need to cut back. You should allow the soil to completely and totally dry out before watering and then soak the soil, watering until it pours out of the drainage hole. You really should move them to spot where they can get more light. As part of the normal aging process, crassulas stems do get harder and the lower leaves can get dry and brown as they die off. When they have proper lighting conditions, you won’t necessarily notice this much, because the leaves are so stacked and compact its hard to see the bare stems until they eventually get so old and long. At that point, some people choose to cut them back allowing new growth to form where the cuts have been made and also use the cut pieces to propagate new strings.
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      Pei [292585,Ali] i think it may have been overwatered? How much sun and how much water does it get? I would suggest to take the plant out and observe the roots. Clean up any rotted roots if it's black and mushy!
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