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  • Help! What am I doing wrong?
    Hi, I have these plants for a month now, I followed the instructions and watered once a week. But as you can see by the pic, something went wrong. Any advice/suggestions really appreciated! Thanks!
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      Pedro Campos Thank you both, they are in the same pot they arrived in, but all together in a bigger ikea pot (bittergurka) the house is always on heat and very dry so I tried to have them far from the heater, they dont get direct light, but are in the living room at a very high floor with big windows facing west. I thought I was not giving much water as the soil was dry , but maybe I am, is there a best way for watering? Thank you!
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      Pei Hi [292596,Pedro Campos], is the plants mushy? I think it might be over water. How much water do you give weekly?
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      PlntNrd It’s kind of hard for me to see from pic, but what kind of pot is it in? How big and does it have drainage? It looks like your plant might be very overwatered. When underwatered, these leaves have a tendency to curl under and get droopy, but they droop in a different way (like yours) and don’t curl when over watered. If your pot doesn’t not have drainage, then watering once a week may be too much. You should only water these plants when the soil has thoroughly dried all the way and even then wait another day or two. Also how much have you been watering and how much light is it getting. These plants can tolerate lower light conditions, but with all plants, the less light they receive, the less water they need.