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  • Jasmine Gardinia Problems
    I bought this as a splurge for myself without reading about how to take care of it. I got it home, did some research and found out it's a very fussy plant. I've had a few problems with it, but got it back to healthy in the fall when it set what I think are buds. Months later, no growth on the buds, and I've had one section completely die, and now this last section is looking sad. The leaves get dry and brown and fall off, while other parts seem healthy and green. I live in Vermont (we still have a lot of snow!), this sits in a west-facing window, I water it when the top inch or so of water is dry with water that has been sitting out for a few days. It has a small tray on the bottom of water for humidity, and I spray it with water twice a day. Would love suggestions about how to make it healthy again, and maybe someday, bloom.

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      Erin I've never grown one of these at home but wondering if it would need brighter light to bloom?