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  • Cactus S.O.S
    Hi Everyone,

    Looking for some guidance on how to help my Cactus friend here. I've had it for over six moths and things were going fine until about a month ago. I noticed the change in color and shape of each segment, but at first thought it was ok. Then the changes continued with the addition of the bottom of some segments looking dried out, and browning. I did some quick research and some resources said it could be root rot, but the narrowing of the top of the segments doesn't fit into that theory(as far as I could deduce). Now the segments are starting to fall away from the main system.

    Any ideas on what is wrong and how I could help my little prickly friend?

    Thank you!

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      PlntNrd How much light is it getting? The thinning and color change at the top is etiolation due to lack of sufficient light. It also looks like it’s in pretty wet dense soil.
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      Pei Is it mushy to touch?
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