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  • Is my plant dying?
    I am a plant novice.  I received this in January and all has been going well, but I've noticed recently that leaves keep turning yellow.  But I do have some new growth. So not sure if it's just the plant killing off older leaves to make way for new or what.  I will be devastated if this plant is dying. Can anyone help me?
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      Pei It's common for some leaves to die off as long as there are new growths. Think of it as an aging process, and each leaf goes through its own cycle. Hope this helps :)
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      Erin Hi Lauren! As long as the new growth is healthy and green, your pothos should be totally fine! It's not uncommon for older mature growth to turn yellow and fall off over time. I usually prune those leaves off of my pothos plants at home. It looks super happy and full in the photo you shared - and love the butterfly btw!
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      Lauren Here's a picture from further out of the whole plant.